Manuels: Are They An Effective Way to Study Computer Training?

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Do computer training manuals really work? Are there other forms of training that are better? And is it worth buying them online?

You would think that with the explosion of the internet that books would gradually become a thing of the past and that everything would be done online, however you would be wrong to think that. You see there are times when computer training books prove to be very useful.

The internet still doesn’t offer the total flexibility that computer training manuals can. What I mean by this is that you don’t carry a computer around with you all the time however a computer training book can be carried nearly everywhere. Even though this is changing with the use of the laptop. However we still like to read books from paper and not from screen’s just yet.

However there are some disadvantages to using computer training manuals. You don’t get a fully interactive experience when using a book whereas with an online computer training course you can get a fully interactive experience which helps you develop the skills you need. If you have a personality type that absorbs information and can transfer it to your computer r whatever you are working on.

Manuels: Are They An Effective Way to Study Computer Training?

Unfortunately most of us are not like that and need to use more of our senses than our ability to read. We require the ability to see hear and practise what we are doing which is why online computer training can be a good alternative.