Maritime Xperiential Museum – Singapore

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Maritime Xperiential Museum – Created by the world famous museum designers, Ralph Appelbaum Associates will be the only museum in the world dedicated to the celebration of the maritime heritage of Asia.

It will engage your five senses to retell the fascinating history of the Asian Maritime Silk Route.

One of the centerpieces of the Maritime Xperiential Museum will be its unique theatre, a 360-degree multimedia experience where visitors board an Arabia-bound vessel that sank near Singapore 1,100 years ago.

Maritime Xperiential Museum   Singapore

The deck will roll, pitch, rotate and eventually submerge underwater where visitors see and walk around the actual wreck surrounded by deep water fish and scuba divers.

Maritime Xperiential Museum   Singapore

The museum will also feature Asia’s first marine genomics research and learning centre, which will be set up by Dr J. Craig Venter, a pioneer and leading expert in the field of genomics.