Martial Arts Cross training for Hockey

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Martial Arts Cross training is an obvious choice to give an edge to a player’s performance and confidence.

Pro teams and other elite leagues are always in search of getting an edge either on strategy or training. Martial Arts Cross training is an obvious choice to give an edge to a player’s performance and confidence. There is however only one style of Martial Art developed by a former NHL player. This is a style developed by a player who absolutely understands what being an underdog is. He turns Big Boys into Big Men. If you are serious about your hockey and decide to study Martial Arts Cross training for hockey go to someone who understands the Martial Arts and understands hockey. To take that one step further study under someone who understands the mental aspects of both disciplines. Both of these disciplines are very tough sports.

There is one fact that a lot of aspiring pros forget and that it is a very low percentage of players actually make it to the Pro ranks. There have been alot of studies done that calculate the percentage of minor players that make it and stay there. I am not saying this to dampen the fire on any dreams but you must realize that there are a lot of talented kids playing the game. In hockey a lot of it is physical but at the higher levels where most are have generally the same skills more is focused on attitude and mental toughness. These qualities come out during long seasons and grueling try-outs. Martial Arts Cross training will give you that mental toughness to stand-out when the going gets tough.

Ask yourself 3 questions

.1. Are you looking to be the best at what you do with the tools you have?

2. Do you know all of the tools it takes?

3. Do you know how to open your toolbox?

If you answered no to the last 2 questions you may want to try a few sessions of Mars-Zen-Do.

If you play a lot of hockey, time is always a factor on the amount of Martial Arts Cross training you do. Mars-Zen-Do Cross-training for hockey doesn’t waste time it is a system to quickly bring out qualities in a player to elevate their confidence and level of play.

Martial Arts Cross training for Hockey

Mars-Zen –Do was developed by former NHL player Mike Marson. He was the second black player to play in the NHL. His no nonsense hard-nose style of training gets a player to a place where you have to learn how to open your tool-box. If you can’t open it he has helped current NHL stars and many up and comers open their toolboxes. He has helped them to understand what they have and what they need to make it. Just as important as getting there he has an understanding from his own experiences and self reflection what it takes to stay there.