Mass building diets – You are what you eat

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Mass building diets for all you bodybuilders looking to gain lean, tight muscle. I’m going to show you a couple examples of a muscle building diet. Remember to always eat more protein with all your meals when your wanting to gain more muscle. Supplements alone won’t do much unless you change your diet.

Muscular-Mass Building Diet


- 3-4 eggs with cheese

- Protein drink

- 1 TBL spoon of peanut butter – Glass of water


- Tuna salad

- Slice of cheese

- Baked potato

- Orange juice

- Green vegetable

- Glass of milk


- Fish(not fried)

- Rice Yogurt – Small salad

- Raw nuts and seeds

- Glass of iced tea or water

You can substitute a protein supplement shake in between the different meals, which is always good. Milk also has extra protein so more the better, but drinking water is always an option. Count calories and keep track if you can. Sometimes it’s quite hard to count all of your calories but try the best you can.

Mass building diets   You are what you eat

Try doing some classic lifts to go along with this diet. It will help you gain that muscle you were looking for.

With any good mass building diet you must consume the amount of protein equal to your body weight. 1 pound of body weight= 1 gram of protein. Just take your body weight and then take about 40 grams off or just eat your body weight in protein for max gains. Body weight Protein Consumption Range 185lbs = 135-185 grams of protein.