Math activities for kids are here, so go ahead and have fun math!

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Math activities for kids will not make them understand calculus ! I’m not talking about calculus and all the nightmare you tend to associate with math. Math is everywhere ! It’s around us ! And yes, it’s FUN!

I believe that math is one of the basics that children need to learn, apart from reading. And math is also the one that you need to start teaching to children as early as possible.

It is possible to teach math to young children. Shapes, colors, sorting, stacking, counting. Those are all math and those can be taught to young children, even babies.

What parents need to do is to do math activities for kids, instead of teaching them math like they do in school (I mean only by means of memorizing and then testing them, that would make children, especially young children, hate math).

Math activities for kids are here, so go ahead and have fun math!

Here are some simple math activities for kids :

This can be books about mathematician, or it can be picture books that introduces math concepts. I’d recommend reading picture books for younger children especially, since they just love picture books and wouldn’t notice that they’re being ‘taught’ math (I’d suppose they don’t even know what math is).

Here is a partial list of ‘math books’ that I like :

Mathematician are people too

Math Start book series by Stuart Murphy
I really like this series because it’s so simple yet it’s fun to read. My son understands math concepts partly due to this series.

Math books by Mitsumasa Anno
This book is probably better for the slightly older kids although some younger ones may like it too. The math concept is a little more difficult for young children but the drawing and the simple story makes it a good picture book anyway.

Math books by Greg Tang
These are just great although they are more for the older kids. The illustrations are beautiful.

Lots of games actually involves math so play games with your kids. Here’s a partial list of games that would help you teach math to your children

Family Math
This isn’t actually a game but it is a great book that contains math activities for kids and the whole family.

children will learn to recognize patterns (and numbers, too)

Chute and ladder
any game that uses dice will teach children about number

Math activities for kids are here, so go ahead and have fun math!


In the kitchen
Let your kids help you set up the table. Ask him how many people are going to be there and how many plates, cups, forks and knives are needed.

Sorting laundry. Let your kids sort their own laundry, separate whites and colors, shirts and pants. Or let them match the socks afterwards.

Children love it when you let them help cooking, especially when it’s their favorite food/cookies. Let them measure the ingredients, how many cups, how many spoons. Count the eggs. Slice the cake into 8, or 6, or as many as there are people to eat it. Cut the cookies into circles, triangles, squares.

When you compare prices at the grocery store, say it out loud, talk to your child. This way you’ll introduce them to the concept of cheap vs expensive, more vs less. When waiting in line, show them to count the people and estimate how long it would take before it’s your turn (this also helps you distract them from the candies, I hope).

In the car/bus
How far are we now from home ? How many bus stop have we passed, how many more before we reach there ? How many 18-wheeler did you see ?