Maximising benefits of belonging to Ecademy

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This section will consolidate points that have been covered earlier, and consider a few other ways Ecademy can help you to network more effectively. Particular attention is given to –

  • Making better use of opportunities with Ecademy
  • Options with Ecademy you should consider taking
  • Contributing to the Ecademy online community
  • An opportunity to learn more about networking

We have covered a lot of ground reviewing the functionality of Ecademy, and I’m sure anyone will be amazed at what is on offer. However, it is all very well and good that the functionality is there. It is quite another thing for you to actually take the initiative and to make better use of all the facilities that are available. … For a start, do you already receive the daily email from Ecademy and, if so, do you make a point of scanning it to see if there are any items of particular relevance to yourself? How many Clubs have you joined, if any? Have you worked through the list of Clubs to check for any that might be of interest?

Do you make a point of reading through the Profiles of other Members? Have you ever tried to contact directly another Member, assuming that person is likely to welcome this contact? Has anyone been encouraged sufficiently by your Profile to contact you directly?

How often do you attend face-to-face Networking meetings? If never, why not? If only rarely, are you making sufficient effort to broaden your networking circles? Do you make a point of checking the list of coming meetings for any that might have a particular value for yourself? And, each time you attend a meeting, do you make real attempts to maximize the value by making a point of meeting people, and having a meaningful conversation?

Maximising benefits of belonging to Ecademy

If your business would benefit from a listing on MarketPlace, have you posted an advertisement there? If you don’t have access to MarketPlace, or only can post a single advertisement at a time, would it be worth upgrading your Ecademy subscription? Have you tried checking through the listings in MarketPlace, or using the Search function, to see if any of the advertisements have direct relevance to your business?

Are you making a point of contributing to the online community in Ecademy? You can do this in various ways, such as writing short articles for Clubs, responding to questions or calls for advice, giving encouragement and feedback, producing intriguing Blogs, and so on. You will find that usually the best way you can contribute to Ecademy is by sharing your knowledge and special skills.

Whatever your situation with Ecademy, there is probably more you can do without too much trouble. A fundamental principle of Networking is that the more you give, the more you are likely to gain. Consider developing new networking capabilities one step at a time. For example, why not make a posting to a Club if you haven’t done this before? Or else, join a new Club and learn how the members interact with each other. Try to write a Blog which people enjoy. And help others to make better use of everything that Ecademy has to offer us.