Men’s Watch Guide For Buying a Complicated Watch

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Many are unfamiliar with the range of functions that watches have to offer. Well, buying a complicated watch can now be a lot easier with this helpful guide!.

If you didn’t know already, the watch term ‘complicated’ refers to a timepiece that has any watch functions besides telling the time. Some watches incorporate numerous functions, therefore increasing the value of the watch.

Complicated watches can cost several hundred pounds or eye popping high prices, due to excellent craftsmanship and high quality materials. Intrigued yet? Here’s a few tips to help you in buying a complicated watch that you could treasure for life.

What Functions Do I Need?
For most people, this question also extends to ‘what you want’ as there are functions out there that serve as an artistic visual (expensive!) rather than practical use.

If you lead an active lifestyle then you will need the chronograph function that acts as a stopwatch which is especially helpful if you do athletics. Travel to different countries frequently? In that case, you would want to consider a second time zone function, which allows the watch to tell the time in two time zones at the same time.

While there are functions that are very helpful on a daily basis, there is huge demand for functions that show artistic quality. One that pops into mind is the moonphase which measures the cycle of the lunar phase. These timepieces are visually amazing and usually reflects it’s high price.

Mens Watch Guide For Buying a Complicated Watch

How Much Shall I Spend?
This all depends on what quality and brand you’re after, and of course, what you can afford. If you’re after a well designed complicated watch from a reputable brand such as Maurice Lacroix, you have to look at spending no less than £1,000. If the very thought of this amount makes you cringe, then fear not, as there are plenty of complicated watches for less.

Sure enough, they don’t hold as much value but they are still from reliable designer brands such Versace and Citizen. Their timepieces require skilful craftsmanship and should not be mistaken for cheap quality.