Metal Barn Buildings – Make Mine Metal!

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Metal barn buildings would be at the top of the list if I had to pick a favorite from all the many buildings I’ve had on my sales lots. They’re just so attractive. These buildings are very versatile and cost-effective for housing farm equipment, animals, hay, and grain. Did I mention that they’re attractive?

Honestly, if you’re in the market for a barn, think about using a metal carport company. In reality, these metal barns are “linked together” carports. Smaller units are enclosed and connected to a larger unit at different leg heights. These side sections, called lean-to sections, can only be 12’ wide. The middle section can be up to 40’ wide. The length of your barn can be whatever you choose.

Metal Barn Buildings   Make Mine Metal!

If you need a building longer than 36’ it would be important to consider a vertical roof. This is true because roof panels do not exceed 36’ and you’ll end up with a roof seam beyond this measurement. Carport companies do their best to ensure no leaking at roof seams, but they cannot guarantee a standard roof or boxed eave roof.

Barns can be kept open, or completely enclosed. You can add on many options, including service doors, garage doors, and windows.

If your need is for a horse barn, then it would be important to line the stalls with some type of plywood. This will prevent the animals from kicking and denting the insides of the paneled walls.

Metal barn buildings are a great alternative to traditional pole barns. You will usually come out ahead on price and durability.