Mexican Customs – What You Can Bring Into Mexico?

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Mexican customs allows the following items to be brought into Mexico:

$50 US Dollars duty free in new merchandise is allowed per person.

  • Personal items such as clothing, shoes, toiletries
  • Camera and up to 12 rolls of film
  • Two cartons of cigarettes or 50 cigars
  • Three liters (approximately 3 quarts) of wine or alcohol
  • Personal medications
  • Binoculars
  • Portable 12 inch TV
  • A portable radio
  • One VCR
  • Maximum of 20 CD’s or tapes and two laser discs
  • Typewriter or laptop computer
  • Five used toys
  • Fishing tackle
  • One pair of skis
  • Two tennis rackets
  • Camping equipment
  • A surfboard with or without a sail
  • Pets – You can only bring in domestic dogs and cats as long as you have a valid vaccine certificate for each pet
  • Most foods that are in their original sealed packages

You can always check with the Mexican Consulate in your city or state to verify what items are allowed and what items are not allowed.

This looks a lot more complicated than it really is. Using good sense helps. And be sure to read what you can’t bring into Mexico.

Mexican Customs   What You Can Bring Into Mexico?

If you go through the traffic light and have merchandise valued at more than the allowed amount, Mexican customs allows you to be fined 100% to 300% of the retail value if you don’t declare it.

If you have things to declare, you want to go the building to the left of the traffic light and make your declarations. This is the Mexican customs bulding. The building is in the middle of the street. You will go in there and tell the person what you have and what the value is. If you have your purchase receipts from when you bought these things, you should bring them with you. You will be given a form to take to the bank to pay your taxes. The bank is at the border, too. The tax amount will be in pesos, but you can pay in US dollars. You will be given a receipt, and you need this receipt to cross the border. This procedure is called the Integral Inspection, and you are voluntarily requesting the examination.

You may want to check with the Mexican consulate in your city or state to find out what the current Mexican customs rules, regulations, and taxes are. The rules change and you do want to know what the current rules and taxes are.