Mickey Mouse Cake Recipe

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Mickey Mouse Cake Recipe is fairly simple and great fun to make. I have allowed for extra fondant to overlap the sides of the ears and the hair, but if you want to make it even easier just cut the fondant to fit the top of the cake and leave the sides covered in butter icing.


 Mickey Mouse Cake Recipe Mickey Mouse Cake Recipe
1 Sin (20cm) round cake for his face
2 4in (10cm) round cakes for his ears
8 oz (225g) butter icing
apricot glaze
10 oz (285g) fondant: pinch of red; pinch of white; remainder black
food-colouring pastes: black and red

To make the ears, sandwich two of the small round cakes together with butter icing. Brush all over with apricot glaze.

Cover the sides and the top of the face cake with butter icing. Make the join as neat as you can.

Roll out the black fondant and place the hair template in the centre. Cut round the inner hairline, but leave a border of at least 2in (5cm) round the outside to cover the sides of the cake (Pic. 1). Place the fondant hairpiece on the cake.

Gather up the excess fondant, knead it and roll it out again. Cut two large circles (approximately 7in (18cm) in diameter) to cover each ear. Using a template, cut out the mouth, and place it on the cake. Mould an oval shaped nose by rolling a piece of fondant in the palms of your hands, and place this on the cake.

Cut out two eye pieces from white fondant, and stick two slightly smaller pieces of black fondant on top. Place them on cake above the nose.

Mould red fondant into the shape of the tongue, as shown in the photograph, and press on to mouth.

Make tiny balls of white fondant into highlights and place on the eyes, nose and mouth. Cut a really thin strip of black and place it just below the eyes. Place the ears in position next to head.

If you have followed in detail my Mickey Mouse Cake Recipe, you should have nice cake to impress you child or your family. Enjoy.