Mike Marson

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MIke Marson developed a style of Karate he calls Mars-Zen-Do Karate.

Mike Marson

Currently a ,5th Degree Blackbelt in Shotokan Karate. MIke was the 2nd Black hockey player to play in the NHL. Drafted by Washingnton in the first round 19th overall 3 slots ahead of future Hall of Famer Brian Trottier. Mike had his spirit tempered playing in NHL from 73-74 Season to 79-80 Season.

Mike Marson has worked with many top NHL and Junior prospects to develop their confidence in their ability to defend against the more aggressive players in the leagues where they play. He also prepares them mentally for the leagues where they aspire to play.

Mike Marson has worked with players such as Rick Nash of the Columbus Blue Jackets and ,Ryan O Marah Member of the 2007 Canadian Junior Gold Medal Hockey Team.