Mini blind problem?

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I don’t know how I can use the window blind by pulley.. I can open and close the blinds by using the string.

But how do I operate the string on the right side to lift the blind completely?

Mini blind problem?


I think you mean the right cord control that lifts your mini blind up either to let in more light or open the window.

The way it should work assuming it is not damaged. You pull the cords down to make the blind rise. Then you have to swing the cords to the right. Then let a little tension off the cords.

This will cause the little roller in the locking mechanism in the top rail to trap the cords. Thus locking your blind in place.

Then to unlock the blind and let it down. You pull the cords down and swing to the left. This causes the locking roller to release and lets the blind down.

I hope that makes enough sense to you to get your blind working.

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