Mini guide to fitting your curtain rail

Decide whether to wall or ceiling fix your brackets. If wall fix then fitting brackets 12cm over window recess is good. Then allow rail to to go 15 to 20cm wider than window each side. Then set end brackets in 3 to 4cm from ends of rail. Mark the wall with a pencil where each bracket is to fitted. Hold each bracket up to pencil mark and mark thru fixing hole your drill or screw point.

If ceiling fixing mark the ceiling as for the wall spacing your brackets evenly. You need to make sure your brackets are all fitted at the same distance out from the wall or top of the window.

Mini guide to fitting your curtain rail

Its always a good idea before you either screw or drill to recheck your measurements and levels.Laser levels are fairly cheap now and are a god send for this kind of job. Well worth investing in.You can use it for hanging pictures putting up shelves, and many other uses.

To repeat cutting your rail to length window width plus 15 to 20 cm both sides. Bay windows fit uncut rail first then mark with pencil and cut.

Fixing into brick or concrete use standard red plugs and No. 8 screws 45mm long Fixing into plasterboard use metal redidriver plugs, if unsure ask at local hardware store.

If you screw into a ceiling joist then great. If not don’t worry to much as long as you have enough brackets securely fixed they will carry the weight of most curtains. Just don’t let the kids swing on them.