Miscellaneous Quick and Easy recycle craft ideas

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This is a page of miscellaneous quick and easy crafts. There are many recyclable materials available, that can make useful and practical projects.

The following projects are are fun and satisfying to make. Some we have made and some we are planning to make.

A lot of times when we discover a new craft project we wear it out. My kids usually make one of each craft for grandparents, friends, married sister, Aunts, Uncles, cousins and the list goes on! : ) Some projects may not be suitable for all of them, but whoever it is suitable for, usually gets one.

The words in bold are the materials you will need for each project, so you can see at a glance what you will need.

Have fun crafting with your kids and make some great memories!

FLATWARE WALL HANGER (for jewelry or small items)

Recycle old silverware or stainless steel flatware to a useful wall hanger.

If you desire to use real silverware you can usually find it fairly cheap at garage sales and auctions, especially odds and end pieces that work real well for this wall hanger.

A purchased 5 ½” to 6″ wood plaque, or a painted wood scrap piece would work as well. (We have a lot of those in the backyard, my husband does construction work).

Miscellaneous Quick and Easy recycle craft ideas

Nail a hanger of some type on the back of the wood plaque. If you really want to be a true recycler, use a pull tab from a pop can and nail the ring portion to the board for a hanger.

Decide on which 3 pieces of flatware or real silverware (which looks great for this projects) that you want on your wall hanger. It is best to pick designs that are pretty lightweight and thin for easier bendability. If you use a spoon, first, place it between two thick towels and use a hammer to pound the bowl part flat.

Bend the pieces at the base of the handle into a V shape.

Glue the utensils to the plaque with either epoxy or a HOT melt glue gun. A cool melt glue gun won’t hold for very long.


This one is good for the younger kids as well as the older, just simplify the picture.

These pictures are quick and easy unless you really get artistic and elaborate, which is fine, they can be very elegant when finished.

You will need as many types of beans and seeds that you can find. The different types of beans in bags at the store will work and you can buy a mixed bag of bird seed as well, for more variety.

Cut a piece of lightweight cardboard or a side of a cardboard box to the size you want your picture. If you want to frame it when your done consider the size of your frame when cutting your cardboard.

Draw a picture that isn’t too detailed that would look good with different textures. A cabin scene, animal, or actually most scenery pictures would work. My sister in law did two roosters and they looked awesome!

Next decide what beans and seeds will go where in your picture and start glueing them on with white school glue. You’ll need to put the glue fairly thick, and if it shows, remember it will dry clear. Let the whole picture dry completely before moving it or your beans and seeds will slide around.

If you would like to preserve your picture for a few years, spray it with clear shellac or clear polyurethane.


The kids really like this one. One week I think we painted half the rocks in our driveway.

Mom or an older teenage kid should do the first step, glueing, which needs to be done with a HOT melt glue gun or epoxy glue. The hot glue is easier.

Glue rocks large and small into bug and animal shapes, large rocks for bodies and small ones for legs, heads and tails if needed, if you have tall narrow rocks available, they make great leg for animals.

Now paint the rocks to look like whatever creature you would like. Traditional ideas might be a lady bug, turtle, a beetle bug, dogs and cats etc… Or you might have an 8 year old like mine who comes up with all sorts of wild creatures.

After the painted rocks have dried, then you can glue assorted items them for the final touch. Things such as wiggly eyes, chenille stems for antennae, or shiny sequins for the alien creatures, use your imagination.

If you don’t want to do any Hot Gun glueing just paint pictures on your rocks, flowers, faces, animals and such, these are fun as well and (quick and easy). I still have a bunch of painted rocks sitting around!

These paperweights are something that a relative or friend that works at a desk might appreciate.


This one is cheap as well as quick and easy.

Use clear contact paper and cut out two shapes for each placemat, an oval or square the size you want. For the oval shape just use one of your placemats from the store to trace around.

In case you don’t know, the new contact paper is great because it is so much easier to work with, it doesn’t grab you and not let go like it used to, it’s more forgiving as well when you need to adjust it.

Now gather all those stacks of saved greeting cards or holiday cards together. Pick out cards that go together in a theme and lay them out on the contact paper, before peeling the backing paper off of it, the way you want. Trim them, cut out sayings, or make a collage of just pictures.

Peel the paper off one piece of the contact paper and start sticking the cards on it, press them on firmly.

Now take the second piece of contact paper that matches your first contact paper shape and stick it on top of your cards and press it down firmly. If you want a border on your placemat you can use colored electrical tape and tape it around the edges.