Movie and Game Investment vs. Swimming Pool

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Homeownership is awesome but in many cases not enough to satisfy that entrepreneurial spirit. Shortly after the dust settles and you’re completely moved in to your new home, many homeowners start to get a burning desire to do more. It first starts with the thought of a simple landscaping project and eventually evolves into a major heated swimming pool and a Jacuzzi addition. $35,000.00 dollars later, your house is worth more.

Not a bad investment, not to mention all the fun you’ll have during those hot summer days. The only drawback is that you won’t realize those capital gains until you’re ready to sell the home. In most cases, it could be more than five years down the road. Moreover, the cost to maintain that sparkling swimming pool over the next five years could easily exceed $15,000.00. Nevertheless, it’s still pretty exciting.

Speaking about exciting, let’s dive into a different type of excitement. Especially, one that is not so seasonal. Suppose you were offered the opportunity to own an exciting business in a multi-billion dollar industry for the same cost as adding a Swimming Pool. The first thought might be, “How could owning a business be more exciting than having your own swimming pool”?

A Movie and Game store will bring more excitement during any season of the year. Instead of sinking $50,000.00 into an existing investment, first, you would diversify your assets by investing in a separate venture and second, you will be challenged with the excitement of operating your own video rental store. Let’s face it, the whole swimming pool idea probably stems from the thought of treating yourself for your successes to start off with. If you really want to treat every member of your family, imagine your kids having to test drive some of the most popular video games as they are released prior to renting them out. As proud owners of a video rental store, Mom and Dad will never have to rent another movie video again.

Movie and Game Investment vs. Swimming Pool

What’s the trade-off? You give up the convenience of having your own swimming pool, for the luxury of owning your own exciting business. You and your family make many friends through your store and you’re always being invited to their house for a swim. Moreover, the savings from the maintenance cost required to enjoy that sparkling pool can now be used more productively to help your business grow and possibly have your business finance that swimming pool.

It should also be crystal clear that diving into owning a video rental store is much more exciting than wading at the shallow end of a much smaller investment.

Most anyone can own a swimming pool but only a few will make a real splash in their community with a sparkling video rental store!