Movie Previews Add up to Billions in Free Advertising for Video Stores

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Every year businesses from the giant hamburger chains to the automotive industry spend Millions of dollars on advertising in order to make a buck. The motion picture industry is no exception. We will provide a couple of examples of such ads. We will also take a quick glimpse of how the Video Rental industry capitalizes on those Movie Preview Advertisements.

McDonald’s has been very successful in the area of advertising. They have a good product at a very affordable price. Their strong identity has definitely contributed to their success. Between corporate and franchise stores, McDonald’s packs a healthy advertising budget. At this time, several other hamburger companies probably come to mind. Suppose you owned a hamburger joint. How well would you be able to capitalize off those commercials? I’m sure there’s a way to capitalize on another companies marketing campaign, but it doesn’t quickly come to mind at the moment. Let’s take a gander at another example.

The pizza industry is another example of major advertising. Pizza hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s are just a few giants that pour exorbitant amounts of money into television advertisement. Now, suppose you owned a pizza parlor. How would you capitalize on those ads? You may consider price matching if you can count on volume. At times, the competition is too stiff and the only way to gain your share of customers is by building a strong reputation and identity. Meaning, marketing is a business expense that cannot be ignored. The key is to find the most cost effective medium for your business. Unfortunately, many small businesses struggle in this area and give up the fight and eventually shut down operations.

Movie Previews Add up to Billions in Free Advertising for Video Stores

Another industry is the insurance industry. We’re all too familiar with the Geico gecko, Snoopy with Metlife, and being in good hands with Allstate. Those are a few examples of very successful companies that have been around for a while. You can probably imagine how much their advertising budget consists of, a pretty penny, I’m sure. In this example, let’s suppose we owned an insurance business. Here’s the hundred dollar question once again. How would you capitalize on those commercials? I’m not sure but I would like to briefly discuss an industry I am sure about.

The motion picture industry spends tons of money every year on advertising. More specifically, they run movie trailers every week like clock work to distribute those precious DVDs. It works. DVDs now generate more revenues than that generated at movie theatres. So how does the video rental industry capitalize on those commercials? The answer is “with huge success”. When you demonstrate to your target market that you carry the much in-demand movies by the hundreds and thousands, it spells success.

To wrap things up, there are not many industries that offer FREE ADVERTISING, video rental happens to be one of the very few fortunate. Sit back and enjoy the in-home entertainment or jump in the driver’s seat and distribute the experience.