Movie rental industry opportunities are on the rise

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The movie rental industry “Barriers to Entry” are minimal creating new opportunities in video rental. Ever wonder how long certain industries have been around? You may want to reflect on this topic for a moment before starting up a business. We will briefly provide an overview on the longevity of a few industries including video rental.

Let’s start by observing the automobile industry. We can all thank Henry Ford for his curiosity and contribution to the automotive world. Although Ford and GM are deeply rooted in the U.S. and abroad, that has not stopped other manufacturers from entering this sector. In recent history, companies with strong financial backing have overcome the barriers to entry in automobile manufacturing.

We have witnessed the birth of such companies as Saturn and KIA. Meaning, after one hundred years, we have become very gasoline dependent allowing for other manufacturers to thrive. We’re just starting to scratch the surface on alternative fuels and may see a slow transition from gasoline to other sources over the next century.

Wilbur and Orville Wright, better known as the Wright Brothers, have left an indelible mark in the airline industry. Although American, United and Continental Airlines, are deeply rooted, others have managed to overcome the barriers to entry in this industry. Again, fuel dependency plays a major role in this industry as well as the automotive industry. As with the automobile realm, it may be even longer before we see a transition from gasoline to alternative fuels. For this reason, we probably won’t see a lot of change over the next century.

Movie rental industry opportunities are on the rise

Now let’s turn our attention over to the movie rental industry. David P. Cook, Mark Wattles, and Joe T. Malugen are all pioneers and founders of Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, and Movie Gallery, respectively. For a better understanding of longevity in this industry, the pioneers mentioned above, are still alive today. What does that translate to? You guessed it, a young industry with room for growth. Moreover, the barriers to entry are minimal since gasoline is not a factor and video rental is a service that does not require manufacturing.

In 25-30 years, we have seen a change from VHS tapes to DVD discs. In the next 25-30 years we will see another transformation and sense we have become movie rental dependent, the movie rental industry is here to stay!