Multi Tools Convenient…Useful…Top rated

Ingenues designs and convenient to carry…

From boy scouts to contractors needs. Multi Tools offer an avid use across a large population of tool users then any other tool product. The industry is laden with prominent brands and inexpensive alternatives.

Unique to any other tool categories is the appealing day-to-day uses of Multi Tools which may be as small and unique as Swiss tech key chain product called the Utili-Key or Great Escape’s unique do-anything tool for life’s suprises whenever a tool is needed.

In fact the appeal of Multi-Tools can be seen in board rooms and carried by truck drivers is truly a unique or “perfect tool which appeals to the masses.”

Multi Tools Convenient...Useful...Top rated

Multi Tools are also noted to saving lives in adverse conditions.

Overall the Multi Tool market is comprised of three categories:

1) Pocket Tools – Manufactures include, Gerber, Harley Division, Kershaw, Leatherman. Seber, Sog , Swiss Tech and Victrox.

2) Mini-Tools – Including Leatherman, Seber Tech, Sog, and Swiss-Tech.

3) Card Tools – Sog, Tool Logic and Victrox

We can thank Tim Leatherman of Leatherman Tools for his ingenious idea of combining a single hand held device which today offers near endless possibilities of tool service. His creativity inspired a new industry now with firm competition. Today the company is a successful privately held corporation with a growing product line.

Personally, I recall many moments whereas a multi-tool was the perfect tool needed to assemble my daughters suprise.

Leading manufactures tend to specialize in highly regarded ninch markets, some popular brands include
Leatherman, Sog and Swiss Tech

Additional popular brands include those who manufacture other product categories such as:

Please note if you plan to travel via plane be sure to leave your Multi-Tool at home for it will be confiscated at the airport.