Mummy Sleeping Bag

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The mummy sleeping bag is becoming a very popular design and for good reason. They are the absolute best design for cold weather camping.

Loss of heat has always been a big problem when it comes to sleeping bags. With the traditional rectangular shaped bags, heat loss is a problem because of the large opening at the top. Your shoulders and head area are not really protected from the cold with such a large opening.

This is why they are not normally used for winter camping or high elevation camping.

The mummy design is built like a cocoon. It fits snug to your body and the only open spot is for your face. When properly closed, only your mouth and nose should be exposed to the outside air.

Mummy Sleeping Bag

There should be a draw string on the hood that you can pull tight in order to close up the bag. When you do this it traps the air inside, forming a good insulator. Your body temperature heats the air and keeps you warm.

All sleeping bags work on this principal, as well as the heating of the insulation material in the bag itself.

This type of bag will force you to sleep on your back, with little room to move around inside it. Some people also find them too claustrophobic, so keep this in mind if your thinking about buying one.

Before you go out to buy one of these bags, you should measure yourself around the shoulders, hips and feet. Many manufacturers will supply these girth dimensions for your benefit. There are ones made just for women because they are usually slimmer at the shoulder and wider at the hips.

The better the mummy sleeping bag fits your body, the better it will insulate you from the cold, so this is important.