My clearwater love story

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This is how my Clearwater love story began….

Seven years ago on a sunny morning I stumbled across this beach

Driving along I noticed the signs on the highway. Clearwater! What a sparkly and inviting name. I needed all the positive and good vibes I could get.

I had arrived in Orlando to work as an au-pair for a year but it did not turn out the way i had hoped for. With no place to stay except for the car and no income my future looked rather grim.

The beach was breathtaking. A beautiful laguna and the picturish pier (pier 60), white powdery sand – like baking flour – Amazing! It was a faint breeze on the beach and only a few people there.

I took of my shoes and let the sand run between my toes. An amazing feeling that made me feel free and alive.

When the sun set I was still there. Somehow it was impossible for me to leave this piece of paradise.

My clearwater love story

I fell asleep on the beach and was roughly wakened by a strict policeman. He followed me to my car and told me this was not a place to spend the night.

I apologized and got in the car but. When the car would not start I broke into tears. It was simply too much. The officer softened. When he heard my story he felt pity for me and invited me out to dinner.

That was the start of a 2 year romance – my Clearwater love story. He was the love of my life and I will always have him in my heart.

I love you Jean.