My experience with Buying Property in Spain

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Are you buying property in Spain?

Why is it that 1000s of British northern Europeans from Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Holland are buying property in Spain?

Well, having been through the process of buying a home in Spain just 2 years ago and living here for the last 18 months I thought that I would add this article to help ease the minds of those who are thinking about buying  property in Spain and perhaps what the appetites of those that are just curious.

Main reasons that people give for buying  property in Spain are…

  • The weather

  • Holidays

  • Pension

  • To retire

  • Better life

  • Cheaper Spanish  property

Of course there are many other reasons why so many of us Brits take the plunge but lets just zip through the main ones and explore them..

The Weather

Southern Spain where we live is blessed with 320 days of sunshine per year….

My experience with Buying Property in Spain

At least that’s what everyone says, having lived here for 18 months I think that this statement is flexible but IT is a lot sunnier and a lot warmer than the UK.

Holidays & Pensions

I am amazed by the number of British who own second properties or investment homes in southern Spain, not the super rich or lottery winners just everyday people.

The reasons that we originally had for buying property in Spain also fell into these category’s…

I was sitting in Puerto Banus one evening thinking about how great it would be to have a holiday home here when bang!  the flash of inspiration…

Instead of paying money every month into a pension which was run (badly) by a huge faceless company why didn’t I just buy a holiday home, use it for my 6 weeks annual leave, let my friends and family stay there (cheaply not free) and use it for holiday lets the rest of the time.

Hopefully in 25 years time the mortgage would be paid off and this would be my pension…

does this sound like you…

Where did my plans go wrong, how come I now live here….

Is it a better life?

Yes and no, the weather helps, I ve still  got Sky TV, I learnt a fair bit of Spanish and the cost of living is about a third of the price of the UK. All in all we are happy with our move. I would say that about 20% of people regret the move buts that’s mostly to do with the jobs they choose, the way they live or money!

Is it a good investment?

Who knows as the saying goes” it doesn’t matter what its worth until you have to sell it”

What do I feel about buying property in Spain

All in all I found buying property in Spain a painless but nerve racking experience and I have learnt a lot of lessons myself and from people that I have spoken to.