My Favorite Maui Bed and Breakfasts

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Maui Bed and Breakfasts? Hmmm! I wondered that myself. It just didn’t seem like a normal Maui accommodation to me,especially on a tropical vacation.

As I was planning my first trip to Maui, I got online, researched all my options. I was wanting to find that perfect place to stay, without spending a fortune.

I’ve looked at many hotels, but they just weren’t exciting me. They were all very nice and accommodating, but way out of our budget and just not very personable. Now, keep in mind you can find cheap hotels, but they are few a far between and you may not get that homey feel that you get in a Maui B&B.

I’ve had the pleasure to stay in several of Maui Bed and Breakfasts. Here are some of my favorite’s. I will also list many that are highly recommended.

Pineapple Inn Bed and Breakfast

What really got my interest in Maui Bed and Breakfasts are the lower nightly fees, which includes a continental breakfast. Some will even serve a complete gourmet breakfast, that will keep you satisfied until way after lunch time.

Most all of the B&B’s will supply you with all the beach equipment you need such as, snorkeling gear, boogie boards, beach chairs, and beach towels.

You may also have access to a video library to enjoy. Relaxing with a good movie is always nice at the end of an adventurous day. Many of them also have hot tubs and/or pools. This is a great way to wind down, after a long hard day on those gorgeous Maui beaches.

My Favorite Maui Bed and Breakfasts

What a Wonderful World Bed and Breakfast

I found many B&B’s in all areas of the island. Many were located in Maui’s Upcountry, and several in the rainforest part of the island, such as Hana and Kipahulu. And, of course there are many along and near many gorgeous beaches.

If your in Maui for more than a week, it’s kind of fun to mix it up a bit. Stay in an Upcountry or Hana Bed and Breakfast for a couple of days. Then head down to the beach areas. You can then stay in another B&B. Or, if you choose, there are many wonderful Maui Beach Condos to pick from too.

It’s kind of fun to do it this way. It gives you a chance to experience the different kinds of accomodations that Maui has to offer.

When looking into Maui Bed and Breakfasts it’s really helpful to check out the guest reviews. A good place to go is Trip Advisor. It’s a very helpful web site that will give you many reviews on each Bed and Breakfast. It helped put my mind at ease when deciding on which B&B to stay in. All of the Bed and Breakfasts on my site can be located on Trip Advisor

Each of these Maui Bed and Breakfasts offers different ammenities. Some have their own kitchens and bathrooms. Others may have shared bathrooms and kitchens.

All of the B&B’s I have have stayed in have had their own. I have come acrossed a few that have shared bathrooms and kitchens, but not many. Just be sure to check this out if this is not for you. Some people don’t mind this type of accommodation so it works out just great. The price is always right too.

Of course in general, at any Maui Bed and Breakfast you will find the nightly fees to be pretty good, especially compared to the Maui Hotels.

Maui B&B’s are sprinkled all throughout the island. They are in the rainforests of Maui to the dry sunny side of Maui. Whatever your preference you can find one in any area.

Most of the B&B’s have reasonable nightly fees. However, there are some that run a little higher if you feel like splurging a bit. There are many higher end B&B’s that put the five star hotels to shame. So, sometimes it’s well worth the extra cost.

What I really enjoy about Maui Bed and Breakfasts, is that most of them look like they have been professionally decorated. It’s a refreshing feeling to walk into a place and have it look so nice and welcoming. You just get that at home feeling.

The views from some of the B&B’s are absolutely breathtaking. There are some that sit upon cliffs where you can view much of Maui and the neighboring islands of Molokai and Lanai.