My Favorite Organic Decaf Coffee

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I only drink organic decaf coffee. I know regular coffee drinkers are saying Why bother? But I gave up regular coffee 6 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. And now really feel it in an unpleasant way when I drink regular coffee.

But I still like the flavor and smell, and having a warm beverage in the AM…So I drink organic decaf now.

My favorite is Dean’s Beans. It can be ordered online, but I buy it locally at Greenfield’s Market.

Dean’s organic decaf comes in seven different blends or if you are so inclined you can create your own blend. They buy Fair Trade beans that are decaffeinated using the Swiss water decaffeinating process, never any chemicals to create their all of their organic coffees.

It’s really delicious and if I couldn’t get it nearby would definitely buy it online.

My Favorite Organic Decaf Coffee