My final-journey-preparation to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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My preparation for the journey was final. I placed an ad for a moving sale. I started packing my stuff that would be stored in the storage area. The sale took place. My new appliances and furniture were sold for almost nothing. I gave away my house plants to relatives and friends. With an aching heart, I witnessed the disappearance of the things I had accumulated for years. Between my responsibilities at work and at home, I didn’t have any time for myself. I stayed late at work finishing everything from training graduate students, doing experiments, to updating my lab book. At home I stayed until dawn to finish up my packing. I started to have a cold. As the days passed by, the house was emptier.

During the final preparation, I was in constant contact with the people at HCA. Finally, all the requirements were fulfilled and sent out. They assured me that I would receive my passport and plane tickets a week before my departure. My situation was taking its tool on my body. I was losing weight and coughing a lot. My family was worried I would get very sick. Against her will, my mother left for Oregon two weeks before my departure. I felt bad but I had to do it. At work, I was treated to a farewell party. Friends and relatives did the same.

My final journey preparation to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Preparation to finished all the paperwork with the real estate agency was accomplished. A storage area was rented and boxes to be stored moved. The house was empty. My birds were adopted by my neighbor. There were occasions when I thought of backing out. Now it was too late to do it. I received all the things I needed for my trip from HCA. Before my departure, I confirmed that everything was okay with the realtor. I was reassured that they would take care of the house.

For the last time, I checked my plants in the front and backyard. I started crying. I made all the decisions. Now I had to face whatever consequences were ahead of me. I was sick and coughing a lot but I had to finish my packing. I went to bed late. It was decided that one of my sisters and her husband would accompany me to the airport and take care of the stuff that were left inside. It was still dark the next morning when we left the house with two large suitcases and one I planned to hand-carry.

Burbank Airport, was a 30 minutes drive from the house. My destination was Knoxville, Tennessee where I would join the other recruits for a day of Orientation. From there we would fly to New York JFK International Airport and board Saudia Airline to our final destination, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We got to the Burbank Airport on time to check-in my luggage, got my boarding pass and purchased a travel insurance. I hugged my sister and brother-in-law when it was time to board the plane. My sister and I were crying.