My problem with curtains for 3 windows

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by Laura

I have 3 windows across one wall in my den area. Each window is 71wx58H. The total span of the window wall is 22ft.

There are 4 X 11 inch wall sections between each window that divide the windows. I have 2 inch white wood blnds up now but it has always seemed to need some color. I don’t know what type of rod or treatment to use on these windows.

I previously had 4 X 12 inch decorative rods that just hung straight on the wall part but it never seemed to look right.

In order from left to right 11 inch wall/window/11 inch wall/window/11 inch wall/window/11 inch wall and then it ends and the wall curves around to another wall with a sliding glass door in my kitchen.

Please help……Laura

My problem with curtains for 3 windows
Hi Laura

Have you thought about refitting the decorative rods and hanging scarf swags over them. You could have the sides just hanging short or all the way to the floor.

This would add some real color and they are so simple.

You don’t really need working curtains as you have the wood slat blinds for privacy. So dressing around the windows makes more sense. I would treat each window separately. There is enough space between to make it look right.

Another option would be to hang sheer curtains from the curtain rods. You could leave them hanging over the blinds when open. This would filter the light and give a soft look. You could go for a bright color sheer to give your decor a lift.

Some people love them or hate them “Tie Backs”. You could drape the sheers back into tie backs. Have the sheer curtains meet together at the top. Then just scoop the sheers into tie backs on each side to pull them of the window. This would give your windows a far more dressed look.

So a couple of suggestions there, I hope they get you thinking and help.

Best regards