My Story, How I Decide to Homeschool

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Hi ! I am Indira. I’d like to say that this is my story of homeschooling my children but since my eldest just turned 4, it’s not really official. However, I do want to homeschool them.

I am a proud mother of Don (2002) and Terry (2005). When Don was a little over 2 years old, something came up and we had to enroll him in a preschool. He was a little too young but there was no alternative. Don was just terrified. He cried the whole first week he was there. I hated it. I hated the look on his eyes everytime I left him at the school.

Then Terry was born. I took my maternal leave and Don left the school. He was relieved, he was so happy to not have to go to school again. I was happy. We all were.

During that maternal leave, we were all at home. So we played, and played, and played, and read, and did everything together. We enjoyed it so much.

Don was 3 at the time. Some friends were talking about homeschooling. I needed to read a book, any book, so I picked up the book they were talking about, “The Well Trained Mind.”

My Story, How I Decide to Homeschool

It just clicked ! The book made it sounds easy to homeschool. Okay not easy, but possible. I looked at our situation and thought, I was enjoying being at home with the kids, Don hated school, so why not try homeschool.

Then came the reality that I have to return to work. Okay, NOT possible. I will never be able to homeschool my children. So the idea of homeschooling was just an idea.

One day another friend of mine told me that she wants to homeschool her kids too. And hers were not even 2 ! She told me about the book “How Children Fail.” I got interested and read the book.

It was just an eye opener ! There’s no going back now. I want to homeschool my kids and I will do it no matter what.

The book was mostly about how children in school are not learning, but playing tricks to get the teacher think they’re learning, putting up strategies to score best in tests. It all reminded me of my school years.

I was always at the top of my class. My friends always told me how smart I was. Deep inside I knew that I wasn’t that smart, I was only being diligent. I always studied before a test and consequently, scored well on all my test. I did have a good memory so I could memorize lots of facts very well. But did I understand ?

I remember feeling very relieved after my high school graduation. I got into college and I felt “That’s it. I’ve done it. I went through school and I made it to college. I’m done.”

I don’t know how I got that feeling, but it was as if my work is done. Everybody everywhere keep telling children to study hard because no matter how smart you are, it’s your scores that will determine whether or not you get into a college. So I worked hard and scored well and got into college. That’s it ! Right ? Wrong…

My college years was okay. I got through it and even did my graduate school. But the reason was not learning at all. I think 12 years in school has actually made me ‘numb’, if I can use that expression. I didn’t want to learn. I was not interested in what I did. I was only ‘surviving’ my college years.

Two things helped me. The fact that I went to college abroad, in the United Kingdom, was all that helped me survive. It was my very first time going abroad. It was my first time living away from my family. It was all very excited so I got through it all. But my learning ? Let’s just say that I learned what is necessary. My graduate school ? All the same reason except that this time it’s in the US.

I’ve got a decent job now but it’s not what I want to do for the rest of my life. I don’t want this to happen to my children. I want them to enjoy learning, to love it and not to be pressured about it.

My Story, How I Decide to Homeschool

What I remember most about my school years is my friends, not what the teachers taught. It’s the friendship that I had with my friends, activities that we had, parties we went to, camping, troubles we run into, growing up together. Those are priceless. As for the subjects taught, I can honestly say that I don’t use them now, except for reading and basic math.

I wouldn’t say that my school years were wasted. No, definitely not. But there are some subjects in school that I never use now and really can’t see the point of that being taught. Chemistry, high level math, history, physics. Okay they increase my knowledge. Sure it’s good to know about them and learn about them. But to be tested on them ? To stress about them, trying to memorize all the formula ? I memorized them only for the test and never need them again. It’s good to know but when you have to be tested for it, that’s another story. That makes learning NOT fun.

I can go pages and pages about this. But all I need to share with you is that I want to homeschool my children so they can enjoy learning. If there is a school that appreciate that, I wouldn’t mind sending them there. If there is a school that appreciate a child, instead of pushing a child to be what they expect him to be, then I wouldn’t mind that school. If there is a school that teaches what a child would want to learn, instead of teaching him what they think he should learn, then I would consider it.

Now that I’m set for homeschooling my children, I’ve also build this site. My hope is that I can help you decide if homeschooling is right for you and enjoy your children as they learn about their world.

This will all be a learning process since I’m no expert in homeschooling, but I will say that I’m an expert in my children. You’re all an expert in your own kids. You know what they love, what they don’t like, how they learn. You’re your children’s best and first teacher.

I’ll post what I’ve read about homeschooling and what my children and I did as we homeschool. I hope to be able to answer your basic questions about homeschooling, the same questions I had and still have. Then I guess it’s also going to be something like a little portfolio for my kids if I were to put down everything that we did.