My thoughts about the eating habits and diseases

So I’m prone to thinking, and occasionally I even have rather a profound thought for the day.

Okay, so I’m not a doctor, and I’ll be honest. The amount of information on the web about health, and healthy eating is overwhelming. I can imagine you probably feel the same.

But I will share some things I have found.

Eating habits

The medical profession will tell you, and will probably swear by it, that diet has nothing to do with our health, or with most medical problems actually. Oh, they may advocate having a healthy diet, but they won’t say that there is a link between poor nutrition and disease.

But we can’t keep hiding from the truth.

The truth is, as our diets, as a whole, become more fatty, more processed, and less nutrient rich, the proportion of diseases has risen. There is research galore on the internet, not easy to find, but it is there, about the links, and the healing that comes from a change in diet.

We can’t hide from that.

The truth is, there are people groups all over the world, who never have suffered from heart disease, kidney failure, gallbladder problems, cancers, liver failure and the like.

They are healthy.

A thought for the day – why are they so healthy?

Well we could argue all sorts of reasons, and most people do, but if we really look with open minds, we will see what is clear before us. Things like, climate, genetic predisposition (where does this come from – another thought for the day huh?) and

Our eating habits are to blame.

The diets of these other peoples are predominantly plant based. There is meat in their diet, for the most part – and I am not saying you can’t eat meat. But the diet is mostly plant.

And it isn’t processed. There are no additives, and no preservatives in their food, and no chemical (by chemical, I mean synthetic) products on their gardens.

They grow vegetables simply, without all the fancy garden set ups, and raised beds etc. They just grow their veges. And harvest whatever they can from the natural habitation around them.

My thoughts about the eating habits and diseases

And when they do eat their meats and veges, they generally don’t mix their meals. Meat is meat, and vege is vege. Separate meals, better health.

Thought for the day – to the animals

I’m not one of those who believes we evolved from animals. I think that is silly. What I do believe, is that in the eating department, they are smarter than us.

Animals don’t mix their foods. They eat berries. They eat leaves. They eat grass. They eat meat. But they don’t eat them at the same time.

And their digestion thanks them for it.

Disease in animals

I may be over simplifying this, but think about it.

For the most part, the animals that get cancers, and kidney problems, heart problems, and liver problems, are the ones we feed processed and modified foods.

They are the ones that we feed our diet to.

Again, is it coincidence?

Ponder it, make it a thought for the day.

Our young girls are going through menstruation at an alarmingly young age now. Young boys too for that matter. What used to be an average age of 16, has dropped to 12, and in some parts of the world, 10 and 11.

That’s not normal.

Thoughts to ponder?

But Why is this happening?

Here’s one reason.

There is a huge amount of growth hormone being pumped into our stock, in preparation for slaughter – for us to eat.

Do we really think this is coincidence?

Why are our children so overweight? Why is there an obesity problem with our children?

It isn’t just hereditary. Oh, I know it can look like that. But it isn’t that simple. We can’t just write the problem off as genetics, and then pump ourselves full of pills and chemicals to try to mask the problem.

We are to blame.

And the food companies are cashing in. So are the pharmaceutical companies for that matter.

Pleased as punch that we are so naive as to believe that we can put substandard product into such highly tuned vessels, and live better for it.

How many healthy, vibrant, good health people do you know who are on medication? None.

Medication is tauted as the ‘healing wonder’, ‘miracle cure’, you know, whatever ails you, there’s a magic little pill that will make it all better.

But does it? Just think about it.

Here’s another thought for the day.

When something goes wrong, we head off to the doctor, he declares there is nothing he can do but to remove the offending organ. And out it comes.

Well, okay, in some cases, perhaps to save a life, it is warranted. But have you considered this analogy?

Your vehicle, your car, is breaking down. You take it to the mechanic, and he diagnoses something is wrong. Say maybe your oil filter. So, he ceremoniously rips it out. And gives you back your car.

How is your car going to work now? Really?

Can it still drive? For how long?

Is it plausible to think, that now perhaps, there will be other problems happening, as the oil filter isn’t there to do it’s job? Do we just band-aid it?

Okay, we can’t take that analogy too far, but, it’s worth a thought for the day isn’t it?

Before you have that surgery

Or before you take those pills, have you really thought about what you are doing?

My thoughts about the eating habits and diseases

Have you gone and investigated, for yourself, all that you can?

Are you absolutely sure that there is no other alternative. That your only hope is to take this route?

A thought to ponder – Doctors only know what they know. Is that all there is to know?

That’s all I’m asking.

Friends, before you commit yourself to some life altering procedure, check it out.

Do some research, and if you are lost, and need some direction, please contact me. I am only too pleased to help.

If I don’t know the answer, I may know where you can go.

One more thought for the day

Did you know there are hundreds, probably thousands of people who have healed their bodies from cancers, liver diseases, heart problems, diabetes, constipation, diarrhea, skin conditions, acne, stomach complaints, obesity, and you can name it, someone has healed from it.

Do you know how they did it?

A change in their eating plan. A change in their nutrition. A change in their life.

Our bodies are made with an amazing capacity to self heal.

This website is about discovering this. What we can do to get good health.

If you are interested in better health, please bookmark my site, and come back.

We will be discussing green foods, super foods, a healthy eating plan.