Mystical Quartz Jewelry

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Wearing of Quartz Jewelry of all kinds and colours has been worshipped throughout history to stave off poor health and bad luck.

Quartz is probably the most common form of gemstone and is found in many different colours and locations across the globe.

Colourless Quartz is known as Rock Crystal and since the middle ages has been used to make crystal balls that fortune tellers use to predict the future, most of the colourless variety has flaws but this certainly seems to enhance the stone which can throw light in different directions making it very appealing.

Because of the softness of this gemstone it is very often carved or engraved and therefore if not looked after with a bit of care can scratch and wear.

Because of the crystals piezoelectric properties they are used in watches so that you can reliably keep time.

Mystical Quartz Jewelry


Rose Quartz… is a beautiful stone that ranges from a deep pink to a paler pink and normally has many inclusions, lower grade crystals can be quite brittle so you need to take a bit of care when purchasing.

Rutile inclusions can cause asterism giving off a star effect cutting them en cabachon shows this off perfectly.

Rose crystals are usually quite cloudy but clearer stones although more rare are found and command a higher price.

Small amounts of titanium are thought to give the crystal it’s warm colouring.

Brazil produces more than any other country but the best crystals do come from Madagascar with sources also in the United States and Scotland

Mystical Quartz Jewelry

Smoky Quartz… can come in different shades ranging from a yellow brown and darker chocolate brown to a darker charcoal colour, there is plentiful world supply of this crystal with specimens weighing up to 300kg discovered in Brazil.

Madagascar and Scotland are usually associated with good quality stones and the state of Colorado also produces good specimens.

Brown coloured gemstones really do not have a high demand but this crystal can look stunningly beautiful combined with a white metal.

There are many other different types of Quartz Jewelry crystal which have their own unique beauty Hematite Quartz which has included needles which show up as red streaks in clear quartz.

Tourmalinated crystals which have green or black tourmaline inclusions.

Crystals with inclusions of gas and liquid bubbles is known as Milky Quartz, and of course the yellow variety called Citrine and the purple Amethyst.