Natural food and some hard facts that you should know

“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are. Adelle Davis”
Ok, now is the time for hard facts and guidelines.

On natural healthy food list is no place for fake, sweet, genetically modified fruits and starchy veggies (with one or two exceptions).

On natural healthy food list will be not too much of dietary fibber, why? because we don’t want to destroy our intestines. Dietary Fibber is kind of plant tissue which cannot be digested by our gastric tract.

Dietary Fibber can cause even cancer; yes you hear mi good…too much of dietary fiber is foundation for bowel cancer.
Quantities of dietary fibber which are proposed by doctors and many dieticians these days are much too high, they are around 20-30 grams per day and this is too much. I’m 99% sure that next big problem after “CHD” , “saturated fat” and “cholesterol” will be cancer of digestive tract.

Take this lesson home, remember these words: today they are telling you that you should eat lots of dietary fiber, tomorrow they will try to sell you drugs to repair your destroyed digestive tract.

This is exactly same story as with cholesterol. They told people to stop eat saturated fats what in fact is the reason of high levels of cholesterol and many cardiovascular problems, many of cancers as well.

Natural food and some hard facts that you should know

Then they “discovered” anti-cholesterol drugs called STATINS and started to sell that not working drug for billions of dollars to people who needs real help not fake pills. They discovered chemotherapy and radiotherapy as well, for one cancer cell killed by chemotherapy millions of healthy cells must die, why? because this is huge business.

It is not about your health, it is about your wallet.

You know, was time of cars and Ford, was time of computers and Gates but now is Time of Drugs and Pharmacy! It could be completely fine but greediness is insatiable…
So, like you can see DIETARY FIBER is next big money maker. Food companies are selling lots of products and supplements loaded with dietary fibber, what for? Human never ate so much dietary fibber…never ever.

Dietary fibber can actually irritate your bowel like sand paper, and this can cause cancer or some other dangerous health disorders.

Natural healthy food list is divided into three sections: first one is all about proteins, second one is about fats and last one third is about carbohydrates.

It’s time to meet good natural healthy foods, foods which will give you power and excellent health for all of your years. If you will stay with these healthy foods soon you will be very happy, I can guarantee it.