Natural human diet – the second month

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During the second month of natural human diet basic rules are almost the same; two small meals during the day and one big for a dinner. But there are few small changes to your diet, they are small but very important and are key to move farther with your new lifestyle. During second month you can take only one day “off” in each week to eat some of junk foods.

You can only add one fruit after dinner if you like. If you don’t feel hungry in the morning then you can skip breakfast and wait for lunch. Your target is two meals per day and after third month you should be able to switch to this plan. During the second month you can start to prepare yourself to cut out breakfast from your menu.It is not true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is not enough to hear it from everyone to make it true.

In the morning your organism is ready after long night of hard work. It was reconstructing your muscles, skin, bones, hair and every cell in you to make you ready for next day. It was removing dead and sick cells (many cancerous ones as well) and was building new healthy tissue. After so huge job your body needs time to rest of all that digestion and the best time is during the day when you are physically active. If you will go for some large meal for breakfast you will make your body utilize foods that you just ate.

On the other hand you will stop utilizing excess of your body fat and other sick tissues which mean you will stop losing weight and you will stop all healing process in your body.

Your body needs time to repair all organs and build new tissues. The best time for that is night time when you are sleeping. During the day your body is burning excess of fat and sick tissues to replace them with new ones in night time. The best time to get something to eat is late afternoon or evening.
Natural human diet – the second month

It’s already proven by many scientific studies that low calorie, low carbohydrate diets are able to significantly extend our life span. They will also keep us in good health. Why is that? There is one very important rule which states that:

“the less time you will spend on digestion of foods the more time you will spend on healing processes and healthier you will be”.

These are all about enzymes (and few other metabolic issues of course). Your organism has limited ability to manage enzymes. Enzymes are molecules that effectively speed up every single chemical reaction in your body. They can be used for digestion and other metabolic functions like building and decomposing of your tissues. The point is that our organisms prefer to do one thing or another, they don’t like do two things at the same time. That is why we should eat big dinners when we are about to go to the bed (one or two houres before you will go sleep) because it is healing time.

When you eat less calories your metabolism slows down to preserve energy. It is proven that people on calorie restriction diet have lower body temperature than others. Lower body temperature means that enzymes work slower and longer. This is one of few reasons why low calorie diets may significantly extend maximum lifespan of humans, rodents or primates. In other words when you restrict intake of calories you are slowing down you organisms and that is why you will get to the “finish” later than others who don’t. “Finish” mean Death of course.

All forces of our bodies should be funnelled to this very single important duty of repering. On the other hand during day time we are designed to burn our calories and all of body functions are designed to make our muscles and brain work effectively. That is why there is no time for digestion and healing during day time. You see there is one funny thing about these days’ “popular” science from TV and newspapers and even government and popular health organisations.

They tell us to do exactly opposite of what we actually should do! They tell us to eat lots of carbohydrates and almost no animal fat when truth is exactly opposite. They tell us that dietary fat will make us overweight when in fact carbohydrates will do this much better. They tell us that the best cure for cancer right now is chemotherapy and radiotherapy when in reality these are the worst therapies you can imagine. For one cancer cell killed by chemotherapy millions of healthy cells must die, so where is the point?
Not to mention about effects of this deadly treatments.

They tell us that we should eat 6-7 meals per day while one big meal and two small meals are completely enough for whole day. And finally they tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day when we don’t need breakfast at all. These days science is on very low level and probably because there is big money involved. That is why the best what we can do is to stick to our history when there was no obesity, cancer, CHD (cardiovascular problems), allergies and other nasty problems.

That is why natural human diet is made to serve you and give you the best possible health and shape. And don’t worry about your genes because genes can only determine 30% of who you are and 70% is determined by your environment and the most important factor there is your diet.

Our ancestors ate in night time because that was the best time to do that. Our physiology is based on this very important fact. So if we want to be healthy we should fallow our ancestors’ eating habits.

You can easily skip breakfast if you like and wait for lunch time. You can try it and find out if it works for you or not. If you discover that you are too hungry to skip breakfast it’s not a problem. Take something to eat. As long as it is in small portion you will be okay and there is no reason to worry. I know that some people will skip breakfast and some will not. That is why you should find out what is the best for you.

One day for junk foods is next step to eliminate those foods at all from your diet. Again if you want to see fast and good result you have to believe me and leave all of man-made foods behind. Man-made foods are dangerous. What do you think mostly is the cause of teeth decay and why do we even have to suffer because of tooth decay? I can bet that it is not many times that you thought about it.

Are we designed to suffer? Of course we are not. Tooth decay is caused by wrong diet, specifically by carbohydrates overconsumption. First, carbohydrates promote development of bacteria in our mouth that causes tooth decay. Secondly, excessive carbohydrates will result to demineralisation of our bones and teeth and thirdly excessive carbohydrates will cleanup vitamins and minerals from our bodies.

Few thousand years ago people had no toothbrush or toothpaste and they had perfect, “white” smile. They were buried with all teeth! This is a fact. Our ancestor ate what I call natural human diet.

You can see how important it is to eliminate all of those junk foods. They are destroying your health. Next very important fact about junk foods is that they are highly addictive. All that sugar (carbohydrate), taste and aroma additives make us addicts. Aroma additives are even worst because they are used by Big Junk restaurants like McDonalds or KFC to make you walk in from the street and buy some junk foods. Aroma additives are in every manmade food you can find. During the second month of natural human diet you should keep going with one or two small meals and one big dinner with one fruit if you like. Remember that you can eliminate only breakfast if you wish but do not eliminate the lunch.

Drink 8 glasses of water, coffee and green tea. You can drink natural juices made by yourself from fresh fruits but not more than one glass a day. Ok, now we can easily move to month three of Natural human diet.