Nerja in Spain – the biggest resort on the eastern side of the Costa del Sol

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Nerja is different! About an hours drive from Malaga .. it is the biggest resort on the eastern side of the Costa del Sol.

Approaching the town the splendid backdrop of the Almijara Mountains come into view. This beautiful mountain range protects the coast from the less clement northern winds and makes for a warmer climate and probably the mildest winter temperatures of southern Andalusia. The area around has a thriving agriculture, is surrounded by lush farmland and has some great walking country.

The advent of the Costa del Sol highway joining the eastern coastline to Malaga and beyond has helped boost Nerja town in popularity and started off a mini real estate boom. Although the large, sprawling, Capistrano Urbanisation, which dominates the town, has been in existence for over 20 years … real estate moved very slowly for a long time due to enforced building restrictions in the municipality. Nerja has in fact, escaped the high rise development of the western Costa del Sol and retains much of its old Spanish town character. There is a distinct feel here of a bygone era.

Nerja is different. It is less lively than its sister resorts west of Malaga and whether an advantage or not, the town has seen little change. Especially the old quarter with its old narrow streets and whitewashed houses …

… and the heart of the city, the Balcón de Europa area also remains pretty much the same. This grand promenade is situated along the edge of a dramatic cliff with extensive views of the Mediterranean and the charming coves and beaches below.

Nerja in Spain   the biggest resort on the eastern side of the Costa del Sol

Of the many kilometres of beaches … Burriana is one of the more popular. There are lots of entertainment options … and Sundays always brings in droves of locals to the beach bars many of which provide the spectacle of Paella being cooked in huge pans (serving up to a hundred people) over open log fires.

Away from the beaches is the most spectacular attraction (and one of the most visited in Spain) That is the huge labyrinth of the famous Nerja caves which were inhabited up until the Bronze Age and which boast archaeological remains and paintings dating back over 20,000 years !

One of the natural cavernous chambers here with its superb acoustics has been converted into an original setting for the Nerja Annual Summer Music and Dance Festival. The event attracts international Jazz names, famous Flamenco artists, many world renowned orchestras and even … the Bolshoi Ballet.

Further inland just 6 kms from the coast is the picturesque ´white village` of Frigiliana …

… and the winding drive up to the ´pueblo` affords views of country estates, farms and pretty villas scattered along this scenic route. This charming rural community is certainly well worth the visit.

So, that’s Nerja … in a nutshell. It is different. An attractive place … quieter than other resorts along the Costa del Sol. But, the town now provides a much wider choice of homes.