PC Diagnostics Freeware

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Diagnose, test, and inventory your system with these free PC diagnostics software programs.

Do you need to know what video card you have inside your computer; or what drivers are installed for it.

Do you suspect memory problems? Is your CPU overheating? How fast is your Internet connection?

There’s a lot going on with our computers. They’re a complicated piece of equipment and we need to maintain them if we want them to keep working properly.

It’d be nice if we could just plug it in, turn it on, and happily keep using the computer until we decide to buy a new one.

That happens sometimes (though not usually for me, anyway), but you can’t count on it.

When your computer starts doing those weird little glitches, it’s time to break out the PC diagnostics software and give it the once-over.

Now, there’s some expensive software out there. And a lot of it is worth the cost. But for you and me, sitting in the living room or home office surfing the ‘Net, there’s some pretty good free stuff that we can use.

PC Diagnostics Freeware

Check out the links below (remember, offsite links from here open a new browser window), read my reviews, read the software vendors website, and get started checking out your PC.

I’ve checked out each program here and found it safe to use, but your computer may be different than mine, so a word of caution.

Don’t forget to back up your data before you install or run any program, whether it’s these programs I list here or the finest piece of software money can buy.

You can always reinstall your programs, but you can’t replace the only copy of your family photos, your resume, or whatever is on your PC that you spent time and effort creating without spending that time and effort again.

And some things can’t be replaced; for instance, photos of folks that, sadly, may not be around anymore.