New Moon, New Beginnings

At new Moon people get busy to get things done

New Moon occurs when Moon is conjunct Sun (=occupying same place in the sky). The new Moon indicates the beginning of a new phase.

In the Hebrew and Muslim calendar each new month (a word that itself origins from the word moon) starts at new Moon.

This is considered a great time to start a new project or get something done to make your life more fabulous – from moving home to make that important phone call. It’s like the Moon picks up action energy from the Sun and makes you feel like doing something.

So far this month you’ve felt that something is wrong or that there is something you need to get done in a certain field in your life. And here the Moon hits the Sun and “hey – it’s action time!” – now you actually get around to get it done.

Phone rings and letters arrive…

The day of the new Moon is busy. Just watch the traffic or check the queue in the bank or at the post office. Listen to your own telephone, for that sake – today it tends to ring more often.

New Moon, New Beginnings

If you are in any business where people contact you to book something – whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, a ticket or a hotel room – you’ll find you are busier when there is a new Moon than other days.

On a personal level, be aware of the sign of the new Moon and check your horoscope to see in which house it falls into. This will give you important clues to what issues you’ll deal with and what action to take.

A New Moon in Virgo in the second house, for instance, combines the health issues of Virgo with the money issues of the second and could simply mean that you should go out and buy those vitamins you’ve meant to or that week end at the health spa.

By the way, isn’t it typical that it is in autumn, when the new Moon in Virgo occurs, when we all feel like straighten up, get a bit more organized, start evening classes or go to the gym, sharpen our pencil and use our brain – simply being a bit more like the Virgo proto-type!

Get going..

New Moon in Aries gives us the energy boost of spring – we want to shake off the heavy winter and get out and run!

So let’s say the Aries new Moon falls into your 10th house – you’re likely to want to put some energy and creativity into your career and get things going. Or in your 7th house – that might actually lead to a quarrel or a dynamic shake up in your relationship.

A Scorpio new Moon can raise issues with your bank or insurance company – falling in your third house you might find yourself on the phone with your bank a lot this day, maybe because you want to open a new account, getting a loan to buy a car, cancel a credit card or something else that indicates a refreshing new start financially.

A fifth house Scorpio new Moon could indicate the birth of a baby or the burial of a creative project so a new fabulous project can be reborn.

If new Moon occurs close to a planet in natal chart that planet gives further indication of the issues you’ll deal with.

If you are born under the new Moon you most likely (but not always) have the Moon and the Sun in the same sign and will react both instinctively and emotionally like the characteristics of your Sun sign.

If Moon and Sun are conjunct, but in separate signs, there will be a certain dissatisfaction and inner restlessness – it’s like two persons wanting to be together, despite not feeling comfortable in each others company.