Next Season Starts with Off-season training

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Off-season training can reduce stress. Have you ever felt disappointed because you didn’t make the cut at try-outs. If you have did you do everything you could have to increase your chance of making that cut.

Any type of Off-season training is better than none. However an honest self evaluation to determine what your weaknesses are is critical in determining what type of Off-season training is best for you. For example was injuries a problem perhaps rehab, stretching and strengthening may be what is required.

Next Season Starts with Off season training

Here is how to do a self evaluation. First find a place where you won’t be interrupted some place quiet. Sit and breath in through the nose and out through the mouth 10 times each time focus on your breath going in and out. As you do this don’t let any thoughts enter your mind. After 10 times of breathing in and out slowly think about what a coach might have said to you that stands out as a suggestion for improvement, make a mental note of that. Next as you keep breathing think of things one of your parents may have repeated over the course of the season as a suggestion for improvement, Make a mental note of that. Finally see if any of those suggestions might be something you feel you could work on.

The key here is to be honest with yourself. Don’t judge where or from who a suggestion might have come from. Ask yourself will it improve my game or not?

After a long season your mind and body will need a break so don’t feel guilty for taking one. However remember the body will need some time to heal. During this down time however short it is, stretching is something that should be done. Over the course of a season muscles will develop a some-what limited range of motion. You should maintain a comfortable level of flexibility so controlled stretching should be the first thing you work on following a season of hockey.