Nitro remote control cars

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Nitro RC cars or otherwise known as gas powered rc cars have there advantages and there disadvantages just as electric cars do.

Nitro cars and trucks have come a long way since they introduced it a few years back. They use to be more of an inconvenience than anything else. But with today’s technology and engineering, nitro cars are the future of radio controlled cars.

Many people think that nitro rc cars are best for a more experienced hobbyist, but as I said nitro cars have come a long way making it even easier for a beginner to jump right in and start having fun!


They sound great! It gives that extra realism to driving your rc car. Plus I can’t tell you how many times that I have drawn a crowd of people to watch the car in action.

They can run for a long period of time depending on the size of the gas tank and driving habits (I like to speed). With a simple refueling they are ready to go again.

Nitro remote control cars

They can be tuned just like a regular engine (Run it lean or rich) for optimal performance. But more on that later!

And best of all THERE FAST! We now have rc cars running between 60 and 80 mph!


Nitro cars are messy. Whether it’s grease, gas, dirt, whatever. But with proper maintenance it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

They definitely do have more maintenance because lets face it you have a gas powered engine.

They are loud and may disturb some neighbors (As long as you are not running it at 10 pm ha-ha!).


So as you can see Nitro cars do have there advantages and disadvantages. If nitro isn’t for you check out Electric RC Car!