Nitro snowboards reward aggressive riders barreling down the slopes

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Aggressive riders on Nitro snowboards will be well rewarded. Nitro produces four kinds of boards. As you’ll see soon from the reviews, they really tear up the mountain.

The first kind of Nitro board is the all-terrian freestyle. You can do jumps, tricks, and twists all over the mountain. Second of the Nitro-snowboards is advanced freeride, enhancing your all-mountain experience.

The third type of Nitro board is called all-mountain carving. Enabling you to race anywhere on the mountain. For highly skilled snowboaders only.

The final type of board by Nitro is a womens specific snowboard. It is slightly smaller and lighter for easier handling and control.

Nitro snowboards reviewed

Riders of the Nitro Magnum find it to be a good all around board. Very reliable, with nice edges and good symetry. The Magnum is very stable and very fast. It is recommended for blazing the hills fast instead of doing extreme stuff.

The Nitro Natural has a camber in the board and the kevlar which really springs you out of turns. These Nitro snowboards carve and hold edges perfectly. The Natural doesn’t like going slow.

Nitro Punisher riders find this board unbelievably flexible. You can carve it up on and off the piste. It also crosses over to the boardpark well.

Advice from aggressive snowboarders is this, if you want to carve it up you’ll find Nitro holding the edge with surgical precision that’s difficult to match.

Nitro snowboards reward aggressive riders barreling down the slopes

Nitro snowboards will hold the edge in turns to the point where your the weakest link. Straining your legs to the limit just trying to keep up with the board and not give in.

To be rewarded give it attitude and aggression, and you’ll get tons of super fast response, and super stable riding on any terrian. Nitro snowboards will change you riding style.