Nudist Beaches In Europe

Have you heard about the Beaches where people go “”au natural”?  These nudist beaches or naturalist beaches are perfect for those who are comfortable with their own bodies. They are not afraid to go nude in public and in designated nudist beaches.  Naturalist Beaches in Europe are non-sexual and it for those people who share a common interest of being comfortable with their own nakedness. In Europe, nudism, often also referred to as naturalism, has been practised on the beaches for a few dacades.   Often called “The Free Beach Movement,” in the seventies, it was a philosophy of open nudism.

For years most European tourist beaches have allowed top-free bathing for women. Nude beaches are now common and popular throughout the continent, including Eastern Europe. Well, if you like beach vacations fully clothed, you may be dismayed to note that  you may find it more of a challenge to find a beach where everyone is dressed than a nude beach.

Nudist Beaches In Europe
Modern nudism began in Germany and France. France now has a nudist resort city, Cap d’Agde, on the Mediterranean. Since the early seventies, Denmark and the Netherlands have become quite accepting of nudity in general, and there have been nudist activities on city streets and parks of both countries. All but two of Denmark’s beaches are clothing optional.

If you have never been to a nudist beach and are planning to head to one, you would bode well to understand that on a nudist beach, you have to respect the rights of nudist  beach-goers.  Gawking is impolite. If you want to go to the nudist beach for a thrill, do everyone a favor and buy a magazine instead. And please do not photograph others. Every nudist on the beach has a right to enjoy their time on the Beach without being disturbed!  And if you really would like to photograph them,  be considerate, ask for people’s consent before taking their photograph nude.

If you’re sunbathing nude in a secluded area, leave a bathing suit on a rock to let others know they are approaching an unclothed person. If you’re uncomfortable having your suit out of reach, bring a spare.

On a wide open beach, position yourself in the open so you can see people coming and put something on before they get there if you need to.

Get dressed before you leave the nudist beach.   The beach may be for naturalists but once you leave the beach, it’s a different story altogether.

Be friendly, but respect others’ rights to privacy.  Don’t get too friendly with people who like you, are in their birthday suits. They may want their space!

Avoid sexual activity. It’s illegal and offensive. Reserve that for somewhere private!

It may be quiet awkward for those who have never gone “äu natural” before.  However, if you are comfortable with yourself, why not?