Nurture your kids creativity with lego games

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As a kid, I spent hours playing with lego. I’d build houses and buildings with them.

My mother kept that lego set. Now, more than 30 years later, my kids are playing with the same lego set.

This time, the 5 year old builds cars, buses and monsters. The 3 year old builds very impressive houses and buildings with gravity defying structures.

Lego lets their imagination run wild.

I started off intending to make my own make shift lego with paper. You can try folding little paper boxes for your kids to build their structures.

It never worked out. Too tedious. You need glue to hold the pieces together. They are good for a single use only.

At the end of the day, I surrendered and bought lego for my kids. Saves time and energy that way.

In the long run, lego is a whole lot cheaper. That lego set can be used over and over again for generations.

Your kids can use lego to build props for games.

They can also play lego games.

For example, the Deluxe Lego Creator Game is a board game that uses lego.

Older kids (and even adults who are fans of Star Wars) would love the Yoda Lego Kit .

You get to build an impressive Yoda sculpture with it.

Nurture your kids creativity with lego games

And when you get bored of Yoda, that can easily be used to create dinosaurs, cars, houses, godzilla or whatever catches your kids fancy. They could keep the set for themselves when they grow up, or you could pass it on to your grandchildren, great grandchildren and to the following generations.

The beauty about lego is that

* it is durable

* it can be used to build whatever is fresh and current at any time.

* it can be used to build whatever your kids want.

* it nurtures your kids creativity as they are able to build whatever they imagine.