Nutrition – The Key Ingredient to Health and Fitness

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To achieve anything takes time, building the foundation bit by bit, here a little and there a little. One of the key ingredients to health and fitness is nutrition. There are so many fads, outright lies, and even misinformation out there regarding nutrition. My first rule? Forget what so-called experts say (like the government) say. Or what prominent doctors say. Look at those who are getting the results you want. People like Clarence Bass, Larry Scott, Anthony Ellis, or Bill Phillips or Mari Winsor (of Winsor Pilates fame).

Bill Phillips’s New York Times best-selling book Eating for Life is an excellent book on eating a healthy diet, combining practical information with real-world recipes.

Clarence Bass has written a number of health and fitness books. By the way, the books he’s written are not just on bodybuilding but on overall health and fitness, aerobics, nutrition, diet, and if I can say, a positive self help outlook. They are all good but I think his best is Challenge Yourself his latest. Of course, his original Ripped book details how exactly he dropped his body fat down to 2.4%. It’s a good read. For anyone interested in an optimal diet and nutrition, you should consult Bass’s books. He has complete recipes, most of which are really easy to make. His cereal recipe is a favorite — it’s a staple in my diet. His nutrition and bodybuilding book Ripped 3 has the most comprehensive inclusion of recipes, but Challenge Yourself has some new ones too that are good for not just bodybuilding afficionados but for those who want optimal health and fitness. In fact, I think Bass endorses aerobics as much as he does bodybuilding. Highly recommended. Five out of five stars. Larry Scott’s book Loaded Guns is part-biography, part-bodybuilding instruction guide (with a sprinkling of diet and nutrition information as well). I guarantee he’ll introduce you to some things you never thought of before. He’s really a thinking man’s bodybuilder. While he doesn’t talk about nutrition as much in this book, it’s still one of the best bodybuilding and health fitness books ever written. Highly recommended. Five out of five stars. Perhaps the greatest bodybuilder of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote an A to Z guide on bodybuilding called The Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding, a comprehensive compendium about everything bodybuilding. It covers everything, believe me. Anything you want to know about bodybuilding nutrition, diet, overall health, routines, machines versus free weights, posing, protein requirements, supplements, mental mindet, self help through visualizaiton exercises — you name it and he covers it. Plus, it has some great photos of the Austrian Oak in his prime as well as the other great champions past and present.

Winsor Pilates is not just for women anymore. Yes it’s great for the ladies but men use it too. Professional athletes use it and rave about it. Winsor Pilates is a physical system for enhancing muscle strength, tone, and flexibility by using body weight exercises combined with stretching. It combines isometric tension along with body weight resistance. It works.

Nutrition   The Key Ingredient to Health and Fitness

Anthony Ellis won his class in Bill Phillips’s Body for Life Contest in 1998. His motivation was different than most people, he actually wanted to gain body weight. He succeeded wonderfully well. Ellis actually gained 32 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks combining a high calorie, nutrition diet, supplements, visualization, bodybuilding, aerobics, and plain hard work in the gym. His health and fitness and bodybuilding course is excellent, chock full exact information of what one has to do to build up their physique. He leaves nothing out and tells you exactly what you need to do to duplicate his results with body aerobics and bodybuilding. Not just for those who are naturally skinny (ectomorphs) but an excellent guide for those who want to maximize their muscularity (this body type is mesomorph). You will have a complete health and fitness program with bodybuilding this course. I recommend it. You don’t need to guess for he leaves nothing out.