Oat Bread Machine Recipe

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Oat Bread Machine Recipe


A satisfying no hunger bread recipe that leaves you with less hunger, bread has always been a popular appetite filler, and this eaten with soup or cheese is a particularly filling recipe from your breadmachine, producing a nice soft bread with a wholesome flavor.

It is a moist chewy bread with a soft crust, as you would expect from any oat filled recipe.

Oat Bread Machine Recipe for 1½ lb as follows:


Oat Bread 1½ lb Recipe 1½ lb Recipe 750g Recipe
Ingredients/Units American Imperial Metric
Tepid Water 1½ cups 12 fl oz 385 ml
Salt 1 tsp 1 tsp 5 ml
Rolled Oats 2 cups 6 oz 165g
Strong Wholemeal Flour 3 cups 12 oz 385g
Yeast 1¼ tsp 1¼ tsp 7 ml

This Oat Bread Machine recipe should be cooked on your bread makers standard wholemeal bread setting.