Off center window question

by Susan
(Winston-Salem, NC)

I have an off center triple window with uneven wall spaces between the window and wall.

In other words, the window is 108″ wide. There is 10″ to the left of window before the wall ends, and the other side is 23″.

How do I hang curtains so it looks right? I would like to hang panels all the way to corner so it frames out the entire wall with fabric and makes the window look centered.

I have four panels 50″ wide each, planning to hang two on each side for a full look. Any advice to help with this is very much appreciated. Thanks for your help!


Off center window question

Hi Susan

I think it would look ok to fit your curtain rod wall to wall. I know there is a difference in the space each side of your windows.

The difference is workable by hanging the left pair of curtains a little over the window. Then on the right pulling the curtains back as far as you can without exposing the wall by the window.

I know there will still be a little difference between the curtains. I don’t think most people would notice. Ask yourself how many times you have gone in someones home and really notice how the curtains hang exactly.

If they just look right even if they are not measurement perfect. Then that will do the job nicely.

The only problem you may have is the width of your curtains. You have a total width of 141 inches. Now your curtains X 4 = 200 inches. The rule of thumb for gathered curtains is double the rod width to allow for a nice amount of gather.

So you would have 4 curtains with a total width of around 280 inches wide. Now this is not a problem if you don’t like much gather in your curtains when closed. Or if you are only using them to dress each side of your window.

Hope that all helps you to get sorted.

Best regards