Oil and Gas Exploration Technology

For most people, technology used in oil and gas exploration is as foreign as walking on the moon. But for the oil and gas operator and for the drilling contractor, it had better be as familiar as their backyard. If not, the conditions routinely encountered while drilling and completing wells can soak up money faster than a government program.

This section will discuss the drilling process along with factors that will enable the investor to communicate effectively with a potential Operator about a project. It is similar to talking to a service manager at a car dealership when you need work done.

The more effective you are at explaining the problem, the easier it is for the mechanic to pinpoint the problem and fix it. In oil and gas drilling, being able to listen to what you are being told about the Operator’s experience and about their proposed project is even more important. Knowledge of this process will help you identify companies with whom you absolutely do not want to invest.

Oil and Gas Exploration Technology

It will also identify those companies and individuals who are being truthful which we all know is the single most important factor for success when investing in an oil and gas drilling program.