Omega Constellation Watches – Constant Production Since 1952

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Inspired by the beauty of star arrangements in our galaxy, Omega Constellation watches offers precious materials with skilled craftsmanship.

The Constellation series has been around for nearly six decades, and will probably continue to be produced for the remainder for Omega’s lifetime due to its historical popularity.

Omega Constellation Watches   Constant Production Since 1952

Omega Constellation Main Points

Although the mens collection doesn’t have as much of a variety and the use of diamonds is much less common than the ladies range, they do however feature a more distinctive look over their counterpart.

The ambassadors of this prestigious collection are professional Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia and American model and actress Cindy Crawford.

  • Distinctive Design.When the Constellation was produced in its early decades, the design was referred to as ‘pie pans’ because the dial took the form of an upside down pie pan.Now the more recent mens designs has the traditional round dial but its blended into the bracelet without any gaps giving it a ‘as one’ look. Roman numerals are placed on the outer dial instead of inside the casing.
  • Precious Materials.Although not as prevalent as the ladies collection, a limited amount of mens models do feature the use of diamonds.Lower end models features a stainless steel casing with the higher end having titanium, red or yellow gold casings. The same applies for the bracelet, using either a rubber strap, stainless steel or red/yellow gold.
  • Quality Functions & Features.The two main complications available for this line are the chronograph and perpetual calender, which both have their own mini collections within the Constellation range.Another feature for some models is the transparent case back and tachymetre incorporated inside the casing instead of the outer dial, as the roman numerals takes that spot.
  • Price.What you can expect from the latest Constellation series are very high prices to start off with. The lowest end being around the £2000 mark and the higher end finishing at nearly £40,000.Of course the higher the price, the more limited they are, and generally only lower end and some mid range models are commonplace in retail and online.

    Mens Omega Constellation watches are much rarer and their starting prices are higher than the ladies series. As a result, it will be more difficult to find and it will be less likely that you bump into someone with the same watch.Truly unique in every sense, this collection that has made it through nearly six decades of Omega’s history books has once again proven that it will continue to carry on its legacy.