Omega Seamaster Watches – Keep a Cool Voyage

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When the first of the Omega Seamaster Watches was launched in 1948, it was the first wrist watch within a full bodied water resistant housing.

It first appeared on the big screen when Pierce Brosnan took over the role of James Bond. In the movie Goldeneye, he wears a Omega Seamaster Quartz Professional.

It was then that the Seamaster began its continuous association with James Bond, which has resulted in limited edition Omega Seamaster watches being produced.

Omega Seamaster Lines

The Omega Seamaster is dedicated to water related activities and has great underwater capabilities. Like other Omega watches, the Seamaster has numerous series to make up the whole collection.

The majority of this collection incorporates Omega’s renowned co-axial escapement which reduces friction, thus creating better accuracy and longer service intervals for the timepiece.

Generally, the higher end of the Seamaster features higher quality materials such as the alligator strap and 18ct gold casing. For a standard Seamaster timepiece, it does have the high quality scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Watches

This is the more versatile line within the whole collection in terms of colour and design. Planet Ocean watches features a large embossed seahorse on the back casing together with the generic Seamaster name on a robust exterior.

Some models appear with the chronograph function and all of them have a unidirectional rotating bezel, helium escape valve (for professional divers operating at great depths for extended periods of time) and are water resistant to 600 metres (2000 feet).

Omega Seamaster Watches   Keep a Cool Voyage

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Watches

The Diver series pretty much has all of the same features as the Planet Ocean with a few exceptions. They’re not as diverse as they only use a stainless steel casing, the colouring scheme is more subtle and water resistant is to 300m (1000 feet).

This line has frequently been used in more recent James Bond movies and Omega has even released a limited edition 007 collectors piece.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Watches
The Aqua Terra series contains similar aspects to the Diver 300m series in terms of functions, subtle design and materials. The only difference being that they don’t use a unidirectional rotating bezel and they are water resistant to 150m (500 feet).

Omega Seamaster Railmaster Watches

The Railmaster series is similar to the Aqua Terra having the same water resistant to 150m and design. It adopts a more traditional and mature look and feel by losing the colourful schemes and flashy design. A notable feature is the transparent case back which is used on some models in this series.

Omega Seamaster Special Editions Watches

Aside from the James Bond 007 Diver watch, Omega has recently released a few other special edition timepieces. One of which is called the ‘NZL-32′, which is dedicated to the ‘Yachting Team New Zealand’ who is an ‘America’s Cup’ sailing team. It features a unique chronograph function design, water resistant to 150m and a regatta start display.

There is also the Omega Seamaster Apnea which features a more distinctive look over other Seamaster lines. It is water resistant to 300m (1000 feet), has a self winding chronograph with free diving timing display for a 14 minutes dive and 40 hours power reserve.

The majority of mens Omega Seamaster watches are in between £1,000 – £2,000 with the most highest price being around £65,000.

Omega Seamaster watches has taken a legendary status place among other collections from the company and its not hard to see why it deserves it.

A very well known and high class timepiece that appeals to everyone from collectors to fashion enthusiasts.