On road rc car or Off road rc car?

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Here I will help you make the decision that has mind boggled rc car buyers for many years. It’s like asking the question “Pepsi or Coke.” I will go through the benefits and drawbacks of each, so read on!


On road rc cars are great, the speed is unmatched for the hobbyist who needs that adrenaline pumping 50-60+ mph rush that only an on road rc car can give you. While they are limited to asphalt the only dirt they see is the occasional pebble that gets in its path.

If you live in a large city that hasn’t seen dirt in 50 years then this might be the best way to go. On road rc racing is getting very popular and you will probably be able to find a on road race coarse that you local hobby shop has set up. If not the neighborhood streets will work just fine.

One word of advice, if you ever get a chance to go to an on road racing event go! They are so much fun. It absolutely amazes me to watch all of these cars hall butt through twist and turns like they were real life touring cars. See the touring rc cars have a lower center of gravity and limited suspension making them prone to higher speeds and better cornering, making it an ultra realistic experience.

On road rc car or Off road rc car?

They will no doubt bring a crowd of people to come watch you, because people that are not familiar with rc cars never knew how exciting they can be.

As I always say though speed comes with its consequences, and when you go 40+ mph into a curb you will know what I am talking about. But what the heck they make replacement parts right? But if you just cautious to what is around, you shouldn’t have too many problems.


Awe yes, the alternative to asphalt is dirt! Where the only asphalt that your truck or buggy will see is what’s getting you to the dirt.

OK so maybe they don’t do 50+ mph but believe me driving a off road rc car even 30 mph on the dirt is plenty fast. Off road cars have a higher center of gravity and longer suspension making them ideal for jumping and soaking up whatever comes in there way.

Finding somewhere to drive is never a problem, because they can in fact be driven on road or off road. RC companies have made suspension accessories to lower the center of gravity and improve stability for on road and off road purposes. They even make street tires for rc monster trucks. So you have more of an option there for you, get the best of both worlds.

If you have a hobby shop in your area they should have courses set up for you to drive on because that’s where the real fun begins! But don’t get me wrong I love going out to a patch of dirt and just rip it up.


So as you can see I make strong cases on both sides. If you are stuck just ask yourself what’s more fun: Top speed, and ultimate realism, or Jumping and ripping up dirt like nobody’s business.

If I had to choose as someone just getting in to the hobby I would choose off road just because there are more opportunities to run it at in my area. Or you could just save and get both! Now you’re thinking.