One Day Trip to Malaga, Spain

Malaga Spain is a day out not-to-be-missed. Memories of this elegant capital city – so different to the rest of the Costa del Sol will stay with you long after the tan has disappeared! So…. take the motorway to Malaga and as you drive into the surprisingly green town centre you will see the backdrop of the cathedral, the Alcazaba Fortress and the Gibralfaro Castle in the distance. Just a taste of what is to come.

Carry on down along the Alameda (a wide tree-lined avenue) past El Corte Ingles, past the rows of flower-sellers and … at the Marques de Larios statue (at the start of Larios street) turn right towards the port and immediate right again into the underground parking … and this is where your tour begins …

Malaga, Spain Music Museum

This is a one-off … the Malaga Music Museum is actually housed here in the underground car-park! A magical place with over 300 musical instruments from different periods. “Please touch” is the unusual policy of this centre. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the instruments through the use of computers, sound stations and other media technology. Have fun and enjoy ! Play to your hearts content and when you have finished “playing” …head on up to Larios Street …

Best to visit at the week-end when you’ll be entertained by musicians and any variety of street artists. This is such a great place to lose yourself … the area is pedestrian only and filled with bars and boutiques. Agreat introduction to Malaga, Spain.
Turning right into Santa Maria we carry on up to the cathedral … and then left into San Augustin and head up to the Buena Vista Palace and … the Picasso Museum. The Buena Vista Palace is a national monument and itself a work of art.

One Day Trip to Malaga, Spain

This beautiful building is home to a permanent collection of art-works covering a period of over 70 years from Malaga’s most famous son. Take your time as you wander the halls … and enjoy the genius that was Pablo Picasso.

Continuing our excursion we turn into Granada Street where we’re going to visit … the best tapa bars in Malaga. Spain is notorious for these delights. Try them at your leisure. “El Piyaya” is enchanting and as the décor suggests ( the bar is a large boat ) seafood is the order of the day ! One more to add to our list is “La Campana” which also has good and cheap shellfish tapas and specializes in locally produced wines. If you are a wine drinker order a nice cold glass of Barbadillo with your tapas … mmm… delicious !

Enjoy … but, the one not- to- be- missed is “El Pimpi”. This cave-like bar has great selections of wine in the barrel. Here the walls are covered with photos of the rich and famous who have already visited this charming tavern, which by the way was once part of the old Carmelite Convent. Wonder what the nuns would think now about their old home now?

The most famous person from Malaga, Spain?

From here we amble up to Merced Square where we pay a visit to Nº 13. This is the house where Picasso was born and where for 1€ you can see the birthplace of the great man himself! The most famous person from Malaga, Spain.
Moving along on our tourist trek in Malaga, Spain there are still more treats in store … the Alcazaba area. A wonderful example of Roman architecture. And now up to the Alcazaba Fortress for the best view in Malaga. The Alcazaba is the only building dating back to mediaeval times and which has now been lovingly restored.

And now our visit is coming to a close. Why not simply round it off with a stroll down to the park ? Once there … enjoy this oasis of calm and take a seat under the shade of 100 year old palm trees. Forget about the rest of the world right now … you’ve worked hard enough for one day !