Online Banking Tips

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Change passwords regularly

Change passwords regularly, at least every 30 days. Make sure you use both letters and numbers in your password. Remember, hackers, trying to guess your password, may use password detect programs to run through most words in an English Dictionary. For more protection, your bank should only allows a few attempts at guessing your password, before your banking online account is temporarily suspended. Phone your bank to find out how to reactivate your account.

Use virus protection software.

Enable a firewall.

Protect your data from unwanted intruders gaining access to your private information.

Online Banking Tips

Don’t open email attachments from unknown sources.

It’s easy catch a virus through downloading email attachments. Even though it’s easy to trust a client not to send you a virus, I regularly clean off viruses hanging on to attachments I’ve downloaded from close contacts. Make sure you detect viruses early before they hatch and ruin your computer. Do a full system virus scan every week to pickup any previously undetected viruses, trogans and nasties.

Don’t run programs without scanning them all first.

Scan all programs with your virus detection program in case a nasty virus is waiting to infect your computer.

Keep all applications, including your operating system, up-to-date (patched).

You should at least get critical windows updates on a monthly basis.

Turn off your computer or disconnect from the network when not in use.

Turn off you computer before you go bed. Save on power and decrease the chance of a hacker accessing your computer.