Online Casino Scams Make It Hard To Win

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The question in regards to online casino scams is, are there any legitimate online casinos? The truth is, not very many. As with most opportunities to make money online, online gambling is no different in regards to percentage of legitimate operations, or casinos. approximately 99% of the dozens that we visited were complete frauds.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Anything labelled as gambling, should always be considered risky. When offered online, you should at least multiply the risk 9 to 10 times to be anywhere near the total risk ballpark.

Just imagine how nice it would be for professional gamblers to have a legitimate online outlet, where they can sit in the comfort of their homes, mastering their craft and making millions. They probably wouldn’t bother visiting live casinos very much.

This won’t ever happen, because those professionals are the most intelligent in regards gambling, and they would never give such a ridiculous advantage to the scam houses. Don’t use online casinos, because you won’t win.

There are a few legitimate ones which are regulated by the government, and the odds of winning are much more realistic, but we can’t recommend any because we wouldn’t consider using them ourselves.

Online Casino Scams Make It Hard To Win

The bottom line is, don’t be a victim to these online casino scams, or online gambling scams, because they’re notorious for literally cleaning out bank accounts if given the appropriate information. If you want to play the slots, shoot craps, play cards, or whatever you do at casinos, stick to the live show.

You’ll most likely still loose, but your chances are much better, and there’s always someone there to answer any questions, or serve you another cocktail.