Online Digital Photo Printing Service – Get Top Quality Photo Online

Should you use an online digital photo printing service, even though you already have an inkjet printer?

Well, why not? Online digital photo printing service gives your many benefits such as:

  • It saves your time – You just need to upload your file, and wait for the prints to be mailed to you. You have more time to complete your other tasks.
  • It is more cost-effective – If you compare it with the costs of printing papers, inkjet cartridges and your time spent, isn’t it more cost-effective to use online printing services?
  • It is more durable – the prints from the online print shop are more durable and long lasting.

If you are consider printing online, there are many Internet services offering their services. Snapfish and Shutterfly are worth checking out.

Online Digital Photo Printing Service   Get Top Quality Photo Online

Online Printing Service – Shutterfly

Shutterfly gives high-quality online digital photo printing service from your digital camera delivered home. It is voted the Best Online Photo Service by PC Magazine.

The good thing about using an online digital photo printing service is that you can forget the hassles of home printing! You can order prints 24 hours a day and have them mailed to friends and family anywhere worldwide.

Shutterfly allows unlimited photo upload, and it does not delete images unless users do so themselves.

Online Printing Service – Snapfish

Snapfish is also a popular and good online digital photo printing service.

Over here, users have unlimited storage of low-resolution, view only images. But you must order something at least once a year. Otherwise, your images would be deleted. If you have uploaded high-resolution, print-quality images, you can store them in snapfish for 90-day if you did not place order.

If you or your other friends are likely to order from Snapfish regularly, this site is very easy to use and the unlimited storage is a great plus.

Yahoo!Photos – This site allows you to upload up to 300 photos. It will delete your photos and deactivate your accounts if you have not log-in for six months.

Offline Printing Services

When you have many photos for printing, it may be wise to consider a printing services online or offline. Otherwise, you could be sitting in front of a computer for many hours in order to do that.

Look at those shops near your house. You would probably notice that there are a few companies that can do all that printing for you.

Since we have talked about the good online printing services before, let see how these off-line professional printing services work:

  • Generally, these printing services accept storage cards, floppy disks, CDs, Thumb Drive, and other storage media for printing. First, review your shots in your cameras display, and note those photos for printing. When you drop off the storage media (e.g. memory cards) at these shops, you have to indicate which shots you want to print. If you are creating a CD or floppy disk, just copy those file that you intend to print.
  • Nowadays, there are also self-service kiosks in some supermarkets or other retail outlets. Just bring along you storage media (e.g. memory cards, CDs, and floppy disk), plug it into the kiosk, review the shots on the kiosk’s display, choose your print size, and collect your prints. Some kiosk even allow you to touch up your photos like red-eye reduction and cropping