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Standard tuning tips – apply:

  • Always tune up to the note rather than down to it. This keeps everything tight and spiffy.
    • Example: If your note is sharp compared to mine, this means you’ll need to tune down just a little below the one I play and then bring it back up to match. If you’re flat, just tune straight up, of course. If you tighten too much during the process just back it down and repeat.
  • When tuning, pick softly with your thumb, just enough to hear the note ring solidly. Just tune up that way, then use a pick or whatever you prefer to play.

Troubleshooting – If your guitar doesn’t hold its tuning, here’s a list of possible culprits, from most to least likely:

  • Your strings may be old. Worn strings get all sorts of messed up. Change them and be done with it. New strings sound better anyway! I’m always surprised at the difference. Just writing this is making me want to change mine right now. Online Guitar Tuner
  • Your strings may be new. Yes, new strings can be problematic as well, though they quickly get better with play. Stretch them out by tugging semi-firmly in several directions along the length of the string. Retune. You may have to do this once or thrice.
  • Too light a gauge. The heavier you go the better the strings tend to hold their tune. Try a heavier gauge, always keeping an eye to playability. Heavier gauges are more difficult to play, so go up a gauge at a time.
  • You have acidic fingers. This one’s true. Your sweat is slightly acidic and will break down strings over time. To counter this wipe the strings down after playing with a product such as GHS Fast Fret.

Online Guitar Tuner

Wasn’t that easy?

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